Bagasse Tableware

Bagasse is a compostable material that decomposes in about 180 days under normal compost conditions, and is very resistant to food oils and can tolerate heat from a microwave or an oven, also withstand a frozen environment.


We supply major kinds of cutlery sets including knives, forks, spoons etc. and raw materials as below:
– Bagasse
– Bamboo
– Wood
– Bio-based PSM

Helmig’s Curcumin Granules

Helmig’s Curcumin Granules.

Helmig’s Curcumin Tablet

Helmig’s Curcumin Tablet, keep liver function healthy, and may assist in stabilizing choleserol.

Helmig’s Curcumin Drink

Helmig’s Curcumin + Vitamin 240ml, Lifestyle Healthy Drink.

China Bowls

China Bowls have been famous for thousands of years all over the world, and the technology is so mysterious, wonderful and surprising, especially while combining with Enamel.


Condiments are an integral part of Chinese cuisine. Their unique taste and craftsmanship have been passed down for thousands of years, fully demonstrating the profoundness of Chinese cuisine.

Dried Foods

On the vast land of China, there are various kinds of green food, which become easier to store after being exposed to wind and sun, and the taste of the food itself becomes more intense.


The key features of our handmade products are that they are all-natural, contain no MSG or gluten and are blended using ingredients sourced from Asia, Middle East, U.S., Canada suppliers and growers.