Dried Foods

On the vast land of China, there are various kinds of green food, which become easier to store after being exposed to wind and sun, and the taste of the food itself becomes more intense.
Common dry goods include: mushroom, tea tree mushroom, agaric, tremella, lotus seeds, agaricus, bamboo fungus, morel mushroom, chenpi, cordyceps flowers, Chinese red dates, longan, Chinese wolfberry, etc.


1/ Mushroom 香菇

2/ Tea Tree Mushroom 茶樹菇

3/ Agaric 木耳

4/ Tremella 銀耳

5/ Lotus Seed 蓮子

6/ Agaricus 姬鬆茸

7/ Bamboo Fungus 竹笙/竹蓀

8/ Morel Mushroom 羊肚菌

9/ Cordyceps Flower 蟲草花

10/ Chenpi 陳皮

11/ Chinese Jujube / Red Dates 紅棗

12/ Longan 桂圓/龍眼

13/ Chinese Wolfberry 枸杞